Blog Action Plan – Combine Your Blog and Social Networking to Get Increased Traffic

Failure to use social networking and social book-marking with your blogging is like putting together a jigsaw without all the pieces. One of the fastest and easiest methods to get free targeted traffic to your website is with blogging. However, having a blog and keeping it updated is only a fraction of the process. One of the top blog strategies involves taking advantage of social networking sites to promote your blog posts. If you have a presence on the Internet and you’re not blogging to the world, then you’re missing out on one of the best ways to get free targeted traffic to your website. However, creating a blog and keeping it updated is only part of it of the story. One of the booming blog strategies involves taking advantage of web 2.0 social networking websites to announce your blog posts. The main reason why social bookmarking sites should be a part of your day by day Internet business actions is that a lot of people utilize these websites as their main source of gossip and news. A popular social news website like Digg brings a great deal of traffic. Digg attracted more than 200 million visitors a few years ago. People go to Digg and like-minded websites to check what’s new and to communicate content from the web, including their personal blog posts. If someone love what they see, they can choose the article, plus if an article is favorite, it will reach the top pages of Digg and be discovered by millions of visitors. Other social sites utilize a similar voting system. If the blog posts you put up to Digg, StumbleUpon and additional social networking sites don’t get hits, you are still enjoying the gain of creating unidirectional backlinks to your blog, so it’s worthy of the effort in making the effort to submit your blog posts to social marketing sites. Besides, it’s easy to do and frequently necessitates just a mouse-click. Yet another profit from blogging frequently and adding your posts to social networking sites is branding you and creating your credibility. Ensure you use keywords that people are using to research for your kind of business. Social networking can also give your blog a great boost in search engine rankings, and you might discover that you may make your site into the top ten of Google for a sweeping range of keyword terms if you take a controlled approach to marketing on social networks. Do not take on too much with social networking. Numerous folk attempt to submit their post to every social networking site that they can discover only to become overcome by the huge choices of social networking sites. It’s much easier to choose a dozen of the finest social networking sites for your business and to center of your social networking and marketing attempts on making routine entries to those social networking sites. The other part of your portioned time should be utilized to create casual submissions to different social marketing sites wherever you want to keep a presence. Keep yourself concentrated, disciplined and to a schedule to blogging and social networking, then you will pull in so much more publicity for your blog and online business than you will if you take a unfocused approach to social marketing. To Combine your blog posts with social networking is one of the topmost blog strategies that you can utilize. Follow the advice of this article and remember to post to your favorite social networking sites every time you post a new blog entry and you will be amazed at how effective it is for generating high quality traffic to your site.

Most Popular Blog and Ideas For Writing Blog Content

Bloggers, just like any other writers will sometimes loose their thread. Every single thing that comes up in their heads just becomes one big mumbo jumbo and they can’t stay on track. Even worse than that, they don’t find any more ideas. So what does he do in this situation when he needs to feed his most popular blog? I want to give you some tactics that can maybe clear your head of all the garbage and crap and inspire you to new ideas and new post. Let’s start with the daily news. I know a lot of people that don’t read newspapers any more. They get their news of a news feed over the internet. I am one of these. However, there are still millions out there that just love to read newspapers. What ever it is you do to stay on the ball, you can use this daily info to find blog topics for your most popular blog. I won’t go into this to deep because you can find thousands of actual and upto date things to write about. Maybe some person has died that you reckon should be mentioned, what are the politicians upto? Are there new regulations or laws coming out that could or should be of interest to your readers? What’s happening in the sport area? What happend years ago on this day? Some of these events are worth writing about. Although I personally don’t give a damn what the celebreties are upto, a million other people do. Write about them. Just look at the traffic on the internet as Michael Jackson died. I know of CPA Marketers that made thousands just putting up CPA offers on their blogs with a simple question about, how did Michael Jackson really die? If you are one of those people that does read the good old newspaper, don’t forget the editorials page and the letters to the editor. Do you agree with what they are saying to the people? Get out there and make yourself heard. Go through other peoples blog post and leave your opinion on what they have written. Don’t worry about pissing some other bloggers off. Some of them love it. Why? Because it gives them stuff to write about in their most popular blog. You might have a complete different outloook to what and how they are writing about a certain topic. Say what you think. Don’t forget what a blog actually is, an online calendar! If you make another blogger mad, that’s tough but, he’ll write about it! Surf through some of the blogs that make you mad. The blog writers that always seem to hit the topics that go against your grade. Just don’t get to mad and start using any irrational comments. Stay clean but if need be, be mean. Jesus, if you don’t have anything to write about after reading some of the hyped up crap out there, do something else you might be good at. Anger is a good motivater, and so is joy. Did you read a really good book lately or see some fantastic film that you would watch another five times? Tell them about it. They are getting info for free and they love it. Try logging into some of the many blog generator programms like Blog Explosion or Blog Clicker. You will find the most popular blogs and oodles of stuff to write about. Your readers are definitely going to be interested in how you maybe make some cash on the internet. Maybe you sell old postcards or prints like some guys I know here in the UK. You could be selling something totally absurd that people just don’t know about. Thing is, they want to know this stuff, they want to read about it and tell others. That’s how we human beings function. Why do we have newspapers, radio, televisions etc. Because we want to know what everybody else is about and maybe someone out there is doing something that could be of interest or profit to them. I remember watching a film called “Taken” with Leam Neason, who I like as an actor anyway. I was so blown away by this film that I had to tell others about it. My sister, brother, nephew, friends absolutely everyone. At the time I was instructing people to drive. The film was always a topic. Most of them nipped down to Blockbusters Video Rental and got the film. And then I recieved the feedback in what ever form. I did not get payed for promoting that film but, if I had built a sqeeze page as a voting page for the film with the question “Is Taken, Leam Neason’s best film ever?” Yes or No. A nice CPA offer behind it with a $30 – $40 payout and drove traffic to that page! I could have made thousands. But that is not the topic of my article today. Although the last part of my article is very interesting for anyone reading it. I think you get the picture. There is loads of stuff out there to write about. Just do it. Once you get into it, it just flows and it is really not difficult to find content for your most popular blog.

Blog Traffic – Increase Search Engine Rank Of Your Blog!

Starting blog: You can start a blog with your own domain installed as blogging script at your own host. This is what savvy marketers do for their blogs. Other option includes starting blog with Google at both WordPress and Blogger are free, easy to start with and both have comprehensive tutorials for beginners. Blog Design: Blog design means the Design, format and structure of your blog. What will be the colors in background, what will be the font color, and font face and how many columns the blog page will have, Will the sidebar at right side or at left side. Just jot down the things you want to have in your blog and choose most suitable Template for your blog. There are so many free templates available to choose from for both Blogger and WordPress. Otherwise you can hire someone to design a template for you specifically according to your choice and needs. URL Structure: This should be user friendly as well as search engine friendly. To make any URL user friendly it should be something short and concise but make sense that what will be the page about having this URL. Like /blog-tips.html is best than /article23.php Having URL structure like /post-title.html instead of /post?123 makes search engines and users experience beneficial for them and for your blog. Blogging: Blogging is logging something everything related to the topic, daily, regularly. This is just as people in the past use to write their diary daily. So a great blog about Traffic Tips is that blog which is updated regularly. So if you want results from your blog. DO blogging i.e. posting very often at the specified topic of your blog. Categorizing: Categorizing your content increase the search engine ranking and user experience at your blog. So if my blog is about Traffic Tactics, you can have categories Free Traffic, Increase Traffic, Buy Traffic and Targeted Traffic. This help the blog rank high in related topics. Tagging: Tagging is hot topic now a days, if you want your content/post get great visibility and wide exposure, Tag your content. This can be done with pre-installed plug-in in your blogging script or manually adding for specific Tagging sites. Popular sites include Del-icio-us and Pinging: Whenever you post something new at your blog, pick a loud speaker and announce to the whole world that your blog has something new! To do this online Ping your blog with any pinging service site. So after you post something new go to or and PING your blog. This is easy and take less time but big benefits. Linking: Link swapping or link exchanging is a right and legitimate way to increase your search engine ranking. You can ask related bloggers manually for link exchange or you can use specific services to help you find link swapping partners. Two famous sites specially for bloggers are and . To get maximum benefit from link swapping, only exchange links with related bloggers and do not link to the sites or blogs which are using Blackhat SEO tricks. Directories: Submit your blog to blog directories and niche directories. This will help your blog in two ways, firstly you will get direct traffic from there, and secondly your blog will have one another permanent link there. Which will boost your search engine ranking and you can expect more free traffic from search engines. Search Engines: In the above lines I have discussed many tips to boost your search engine ranking. But what if your blog is new and have not yet spidered or indexed by any big search engine like msn yahoo or google. So you want to add your website in Google’s database fast? Here is a million dollar tip but free for you, to get indexed new blog in Google within a day or two. To do this, go to and post a free ad with the link of your blog. This site is PR8 and your will get indexed ASAP. But use the site legitimately and with good faith according to their rules. Do not abuse or spam this site otherwise you will be wasting your time with no success. Now your site is in Search engines databases, now it’s your duty to do blogging regularly, posting new content, tagging, pinging, and sticking to the main topic. If you keep doing this, you will be getting your blog organically growing and getting traffic in truckloads, happy blogging and happy free traffic! Published at:

How to Blog For Money – 5 Simple Ways to Get Back Links to Your Blog

Are you interested in learning how to blog for money? If you would like to build a blog for money, one of the first things you will want to do is increase your blog’s SEO or ranking in the search engines. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to build back links. You may be asking yourself “What is a back link?” A back link is just a link that is incoming from someone else’s site to your site. The more back links you have, the more traffic you will get to your blog, and this is what gets you a better SEO or higher search engine ranking. So your first step is to figure out how to get back links to your blog and that is what this article will show you! Read on… Here are 5 easy and simple ways to get back links to your blog. 1. Write articles and submit them to articles directories (just like this one). Remember to include a link to your blog in the your author resource area. Some articles directories allow you even include one or more in the body of the article. Be sure and read the guidelines specific to each articles directory you are submitting to, just to make sure you are placing your back links in the appropriate area. Also, there are many article directories you can submit to, just don’t use the same article content in all of them. Change your title and your content up a bit. 2. Go to Squidoo and create a lens. Remember to include links back to your blog. Squidoo lens is one of Google’s favorite sites, which means greater visibility for your blog. 3. Post to forums and focus groups that focus on your blog’s niche (example: if your blog is about bike riding, research “bike riding forums” on Google or Bing). Be sure and include your blog link in your signature line. 4. Visit other people’s blogs in your niche and leave comments (example: if your blog is about cake decorating, research “cake decorating blogs”). Just be sure to actually read what the author of the blog had to say in the post you are reading and respond back with a sincere comment and your link. You will more than likely find some really good information and get a visit back from other readers. 5. Write on Hub pages and leave a link back to your blog. There is a lot you can do to build a better blog for money. Learning to get back links should be at the top of the list and there are many things you can do to get back links. However these top 5 ways will get you started and if you implement them on a regular basis, they will help you rank higher in the search engine. This will result in more traffic, but more importantly, it will be traffic that is targeted to those who are most interested in the content of your blog. And this targeted traffic will increase your chances of success on your path to blogging for money! Published at:

Ways of Increasing Blog Traffic by Appealing to Blog Readers

The primary reason of publishing posts in the blogs is for people to read. So, it is essential that you write only things that would interest your readers and blog visitors. Some people make the mistake of blogging on topics that doesn’t really interest them. What this usually results to is that they lack the zeal, passion and enthusiasm to continue writing on the topics. Your blogging would be more potent and persuasive if it is based on a topic you would always be enchanted about. What then should be done to keep the writer always interested or excited about the blog topic? You need to find a niche you have passion for. A niche is simply a tiny segment of a particular market that shares some values together or similar. Don’t make the mistake of trying to write on everything in your blog. This kind of attitude isn’t only boring to your readers but would put lots of visitors that may be searching for specialized information off. Find a tiny niche and get deeper to a smaller segment of the niche you are quite interested in and start blogging on it. For example, you can blog on men’s shirt instead of saying mere clothes. Do you see the difference? The people that would most likely visit such blogs are those that are really interested in the issues concerning men’s shirts and there is going be instant connection between the writer and the readers. Choosing a topic you are passionate about would help you in your writing because the things you have to discuss with your readers would flow naturally without much prompting. Also remember that your blogging efforts require some kind of monetary compensation. So you have to write on what interests you readers and in the niches that has paying readership too. Finding a profitably niche isn’t that difficult if you really want to create an impact. Join forums or other related blogs and ask questions. Watch the kinds of question people are asking in the niche and go ahead to set up a blog that would be a solution to most of those questions. You don’t need to be an expert on any topic you are blogging on. Your passion on the subject is good enough and you can follow it up by research the topic more and posting write-ups that would endear your readers to you. You can leave a link to your new blog in any forum you join while ensuring that you make useful posts on such forums. Some are also deterred by the fear of not being ‘professional’ writers. You don’t have to the best writer in your country for you to have successful blog. Just ensure that you take care of common grammatical errors and write meaningful articles for publications in your blog. You have to create style for your self or your blog. You may choose to be witty, funny, entertaining, and educative and so on. The basic thing is that you have to ensure that those who visit your blog find it worthwhile to want to visit another time. Published at:

Easy Blog Writing and Blog Post Formatting Solutions

Blog writing and blog post formatting skills are based on two facts: 1. People skim read when they read things on screen A website or blog is missing the usual cues that let us know how long an article is. Pick up a book or cast your eye over a newspaper article, and you’ll gauge how long it is and how long it will take to read. Online the only way to find that out is to scroll down to the end of the blog post and that’s what most people do. Blog readers also try to scan read the post. A long body of text is scary. Even if the headline appeals to them, with no other clues about the content, people will be reluctant to start reading. By helping people scan your blog posts with good layout and telling them more about what information they’ll find in it you can entice them to read the post in full. 2. It’s harder to read things on screen than on print Screen legibility is improving along with resolution and screen size but there are still some simple rules you need to know to help people read your blog more easily. If you want to make sure people enjoy reading your blog, tell their friends about it and subscribe then you need to make sure the very act of reading your blog is easy. No matter how good your blog content and writing is, if it’s not easy to read people won’t enjoy it, won’t return and won’t recommend your blog posts or link to them. Stick to these easy blog writing and blog post formatting solutions. 11 Rules of Blog Writing and Formatting Make your posts easy to scan: 1. Use Headers and Sub-headers. Headers and sub-headers will break up long blog posts, help people scan read your blog and convince them to read the whole post. 2. Use lists. Numbered lists or bullet pointed lists help people scan blog posts fast and find the information they’re looking for quickly. 3. Keep paragraphs short. Reading is harder online it’s best to break text into manageable chunks. Paragraphs should be much shorter online than on paper with two to six sentences per paragraph a good guideline for blog posts. 4. Use bold text to highlight important sentences that will catch people’s attention and draw them into, or on with, the blog post. 5. Leave white space. Readers need somewhere to rest the eye and good blog layout leaves plenty of blank space. Make sure your blog isn’t too busy or distracting and gives readers somewhere to rest their eye from time to time. Make your posts easy to read: 6. Constrain column width to about 80 characters or less. 7. Keep sentences short and to the point. 8. Edit out waffle and unnecessary words like really, in fact or seems. 9. Sans serif fonts are generally supposed to be easier to read on screen, in particular Verdana. Serif font Georgia is also designed for easy reading on screen. 10. Use a large font size. Check out some of your favourite blogs, compare the font size they use and decide what works best for your readers. If they’re older they might prefer even bigger text than the average blog reader. 11. Avoid italics. They are hard to read in print. Couple that with on screen reading already being challenging and banish italics from your blog writing. Published at:

The Blog World Wars: Spam Blog and Malicious Comments

Getting hot in China with the concept of the blog, the blog is also faced with a difficult challenge: an increase in spam blog, malicious comments. These negative effects not be a good deal, then the next blog will be the same as the current e-mail has become a substitute for spam. Garbage blog: Garbage blog is a blog that affect search engine junk files. Sometimes it is used to influence the web algorithms, control of these web pages and other pages or sites link. More ordinary site, this is referred to as “link farms”. Spam blog content is usually meaningless, full of ads or articles to other sites Grilled, but with a large number of links the chain, to refuse blog of the website – shopping, loans, pornography, second-hand car … with you receive spam content similar to rape readers audiovisual product promotion purposes. Of course, there are differences, these spam blog also eager to want to do another thing: SEO, or can be said to be Daze Google to improve their site’s PageRank. Malicious Comments: The modern blog systems allow comments and feedback to other users and readers a simple way to add thoughts and comments to the article. Unfortunately, some people abuse this system, adding a lot of meaningless advertisements and links that address malicious comments. Some people even develop appropriate tools, auto-commit a large number of links to blog reviews. Those who create spam blogs and spam comments that this will produce a lot of benefits, additional search engine rankings or income is usually obtained through the establishment of these systems. In fact, when the industry reached Blog called e-mail, instant messaging, fourth after the BBS communication when garbage blog has signs up. Over the past two years, with the protest of the working people in the world of spam, Microsoft, AOL and other giant joint Judiciary, and work together to strangling spammers. Thus, these mice have to look for other breakthrough point. The Blog world inevitably affected. Garbage blog, previously leaving Blogger feel headache spam Disaster, garbage backlinks and garbage Trackback. A well-known Blogger had a guy in his Blog scolding liked to various Post behind the message, the content probably are more and more exciting “Your article”, “I liked your article” and so on, and then began to sell its own website. Blog world so closely linked to each other, also put on the hypocrisy of touting coat players a trick, people can not help but to speculate on the water level of this guy hydrocephalus. More guy hair like spam, early use of automated software tools – a designated BSP or WP, MT, Blog software, it can spam a pick a Wangchu paste. The verification code is an effective way to prevent garbage, but the decent people, the user experience will undoubtedly reduce. One foot, the law is strong. We have what ways? Abroad, countless Blogger for the future worried: Blog will become a garbage dump? It is hard to say we do not want to see the future will ever come. Because even the already very powerful technical force Google protest from the crowd, only for the time being deleted Blogspot 13,000 second-level domain names, as well as “efforts to Blog and Posting a script commitment defense automatically registered. At present, it seems, garbage blog shares sewage, but also are continually flows to the sea of ​​Blog. Now is to think deeply and to establish control interferometer system, so as to deal with these problems. The solution to this problem requires a lot of time, because the spam blog through a variety of new methods to influence the search engine and website operation. I believe that this confrontation and garbage blog will be a long and arduous war. Published at:

Law of Attraction – How to Use Meditation to Get What You Want More Easily

We have been talking about how the law of attraction works to bring you more and more of those things that you are giving your attention to. For many people, that means they get more and more things and experiences they do not want. But this can be changed. The question is, how?

Many people who try using the law of attraction start by doing affirmations. I am wealthy. I am abundant. I have the perfect body shape. That kind of thing. These affirmations can be very helpful, and effective, if used properly. The problem is that, for many people, they could go on saying them for a hundred years, and nothing would change. Why is this? Because deep down, they do not really believe in what they are saying. It is as though they have two “voices” speaking at the same time. One is doing the affirmation and the other is saying, No I’m not, No I haven’t.

That other “voice” is showing what the person is really thinking and feeling, and this is the part of you that is doing the attracting. There are many different names for this aspect of oneself. Some people call it the subconscious. Whatever you call it, it is the sum total of all your stored-up thoughts and life experiences to date, going right back to your childhood. The way to change the things you are attracting is to change the “settings” on this, to give you more control over it. But how can you achieve that?

We have found that meditation is probably the best way. So you might ask, does that mean I have to walk barefoot up to an almost inaccessible Himalayan cave to find a yogi to teach me, or live in a Zen monastery in Japan for 20 years? These might well be the best way to learn meditation, but for most people they are not realistic options. So do you sign up to a meditation class, and spend 3 hours a day sitting in meditation? Again, although this is slightly more acceptable, still many of us find it hard to commit several hours a day.

The good news is that there are now programs using audio technology which greatly speed up the process of meditation, so it is now possible to practise deep meditation, while at the same time carrying on with a full and busy lifestyle, without stress. You can find out more about some of these, and other aspects of using the law of attraction, by going to our “Design Your Life” blog. Just click on the link below.

Use of Social Media by Singapore Lawyers

Singapore lawyers here are increasingly playing private eye and snooping around Facebook postings, Twitter updates and blog entries for information to help support their cases.

In a recent article on Straits Times, an interview of 30 lawyers indicated that half ploughed through social media sites for their cases. More than 10 have even produced social media evidence in court to bolster their cases.

The Singapore Supreme Court is also taking social media seriously. Last year, it issued a consultation paper on the mpact of social media in litigation and the use of it.

The paper talked about the increasingly widespread use and reach of social media in Singapore. Among other things, it said that social media will lead to the uncovering of important evidence which may otherwise be unavailable, and so it is important to consider the reliability and credibility of such online information.

When contacted, a Supreme Court spokesman said the feedback is being finalized and a report will be released next month.

Lawyers believe that social media evidence will become more common as people spend more time online. Said criminal lawyer Shashi Nathan: “It’s becoming a bigger and bigger part of our daily lives. Once it’s part of our routine, evidence from there is bound to crop up.”

Judges also seem open to such evidence, said lawyers, who added that they are not concerned about privacy issues as most of the information posted on social media sites is accessible to a wide audience.

The admissibility of such evidence in court follows the usual rules of evidence, said National University of Singapore law professor Michael Hor.

In other words, one must be prepared to defend the evidence if it is challenged by the other side.

Lawyers said it has become increasingly common to produce social media evidence in court, especially in divorce and custody cases.

Often, their clients come armed with screen grabs of racy photos and party updates on their spouses’ Facebook and Twitter accounts, asking lawyers to use them as evidence of infidelity.

Family lawyer Koh Tien Hua of Harry Elias Partnership said such evidence is also tapped for custody cases – where one party claims to be homely but party pictures on Facebook indicate otherwise.

Social media evidence can also prove crucial in criminal cases. A 19-year-old boy in New York was released from jail after a Facebook update on his craving for pancakes showed that he could not have been at the scene of a robbery in another part of New York City on that day.

In Singapore, when lawyer Adrian Wee’s client was accused of rape, he dug deep – online. The plaintiff had claimed to be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder but entries on her blog painted a different story. His client’s charge was subsequently reduced from rape to aggravated outrage of modesty – cutting the possible sentence of 20 years to half the length, at most.

Lawyer Chia Boon Teck used information from a blog to fight a woman’s claim of molestation against his client. She claimed the act occurred during a job interview and that she left the office quietly, reporting the matter only later.

On her blog, she portrayed herself as a feisty woman and also wrote about how she had fought with a pimp in Geylang.

Singapore lawyer Chia Boon Teck used this information to challenge why she had not raised any alarm or created a scene in the office there and then, considering her feisty character.

“It is all too easy for a woman to act demure in court. Such social media evidence can at least give judges a different perspective of the witness,” said lawyer Chia Boon Teck, whose client was fined $5,000 on the molestation charge.

Social media evidences have also become more prominent in commercial cases. Technology and intellectual property lawyer Jonathan Yuen cited a case where an employee posted on Facebook that her boss had approved a purchase because he was friends with a firm’s representative. A colleague saw the post, word got around and a lawyer’s letter was issued to the employee to retract her comments.

Said Hor: “Posting something on social media is no different from saying or distributing it anywhere else – you must always be aware that it can be used against you in the future.”
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Real Estate Law Answers About Cancellation of Listing Agreements

There is some confusion about the cancellation of real estate listing agreements. Is a listing agreement signed by both spouses cancelled if one spouse dies? Is a spouse liable for a commission to a listing broker under a listing agreement signed only by the other spouse? If a seller wants to cancel the listing agreement, but the listing broker does not, is cancellation by the seller allowed? And if so, what are the obligations of the listing broker? This article will attempt to answer these Arizona and real estate law questions.

Most listing agreements for residential property are exclusive. An exclusive listing agreement (whether exclusive representation or exclusive agency) is a bilateral contract. What does that mean? A bilateral contract is a contract that requires performance by both parties. In other words, both the seller and the listing broker in a listing agreement agree to do certain things, e.g., the seller agrees to pay a commission, and the listing broker agrees to put the property in the MLS.

On the other hand, an open listing is commonly used for commercial property, and is generally a unilateral contract. The seller agrees to pay a commission to any buyer produced by the listing broker, but the listing broker does not agree to do anything. In fact, under MLS rules a listing broker is prohibited from placing an open listing in the MLS.

A listing agreement is a personal services contract, not a contract for real property. The general rule is that any personal services contract terminates upon the death of either party. Therefore, upon the death of the seller or the listing broker (or the bankruptcy of a listing brokerage firm) the listing agreement is cancelled, and neither the seller nor the listing broker have any remaining obligations. For example, if the listing broker produces a buyer during the remaining term of the listing agreement after the seller dies, the seller’s estate does not owe a commission even after the Seller “cancelled” the listing agreement.

The more troubling “cancellation” problem is when one party to a listing agreement, usually the seller, demands that the listing agreement be “cancelled.” If the listing broker does not acquiesce in this cancellation demand, and wants performance by the Seller under the listing agreement because the listing broker may have incurred significant time and marketing expenses, what is the listing broker’s obligation? Specifically, what does the listing broker do if the seller demands that the “For Sale” sign be removed from the front lawn, and demands that the listing be taken out of the MLS?

In general, the listing broker is required to comply with the seller’s instructions, inasmuch as the listing broker still has a fiduciary duty to the seller because the listing agreement, as a bilateral contract, can only be cancelled by the mutual agreement of both the seller and the listing broker. The listing broker should memorialize all correspondence by the listing broker with the seller to comply with the seller’s requests, and that the listing broker is ready and willing to comply with the obligations of the listing agreement until the termination date. If there is a sale of the property during the term of the listing agreement, the listing broker should be entitled to a commission.

Finally, what happens if only one spouse signs the listing agreement? Is the listing agreement enforceable by the listing broker? Inasmuch as the listing agreement is a personal services contract, and not a contract for real property, the signature of one spouse binds the community of both spouses. Simply put, the community property of both the husband and the wife is liable for the commission due on a listing agreement, even though only one spouse signed the listing agreement.

Similarly, if the listing agreement has been signed by both spouses and one spouse dies, the listing agreement is still enforceable against the surviving spouse. If only one spouse signed the listing agreement, however, the listing agreement is cancelled upon that spouse’s death.